Pizza Slice Keychain Amigurumi — Free crochet pattern

Hi all! How about food amigurumi pattern? Here is an easy pattern for crocheted Pizza Slice. I hope you will like it) This is what you need to make Pizza Slice Amigurumi:— sport/fine weight yarn;— 2.00 mm crochet hook;— Some brown/black floss for eyes and mouth;— Soft stuffing;— Yarn needle, sewing needle, pins/stitchmarkers, scissors;If you … Continue reading Pizza Slice Keychain Amigurumi — Free crochet pattern

Sleepy Bunny Lovey — New Pattern

Hi all! I'm happy to introduce you my new adorable lovey pattern. Meet Sleepy Bunny Lovey! I believe that it would easy to make this cute security blanket even if you are a beginner in crochet. I always try to make my patterns as easy to follow as I can. PDF pattern contains deteiled text … Continue reading Sleepy Bunny Lovey — New Pattern

Cute Chick Amigurumi — Free crochet pattern

Hi all! I constantly write down my ideas for new toys: in notebooks and just on sheets of paper (it seems to me that all crafters do this, right?). As a result drawings can be found all over the house. Recently, I came across sketches for cute birds, and decided it was time to bring … Continue reading Cute Chick Amigurumi — Free crochet pattern

Loveys for girls — Crochet Patterns

Hi all! On the eve of International Women's day, I have prepared for you a small selection of crochet patterns for comforters that are perfect for girls. Let's start! Rainbow the Pony Lovey Sleepy Pig Lovey Teddy Bear Lovey Tilly the Doll Lovey Kitty Lovey Sweet Unicorn Lovey   All comforters are made with fine … Continue reading Loveys for girls — Crochet Patterns

Yarn for Loveys

Hi all! This post is about yarn. You are asking me which yarn is best for comforters. In this post, I tried to find a yarn that, in my opinion, should fit. I will also tell you about the yarn I usually use. Let's go! What I use: For my loveys I usually use YarnArt Jeans … Continue reading Yarn for Loveys

Amigurumi Bunny and Teddy Bear — New Patterns

Hi all! Today I'm happy to introduce you my cuties! Meet Bunny and Teddy Bear 😉 They are so sweet, right? 😉 I love the colors and want to share it with you: Yarn I used for Bunny "Cotton Gold" by Alize: #55 (white) #14 (yellow) "Cotton Gold Batik" by Alize: #4147 (pink)   Yarn I … Continue reading Amigurumi Bunny and Teddy Bear — New Patterns

Reindeer Lovey

Hi all! Today I'm glad to introduce you new lovey — Reindeer! Isn't he adorable? 😉 I used my favorite yarn — Alize Cotton Gold and new for me Alize Cotton Gold Batik for the blanket. Omg, I love this yarn! It allows you to create extraordinary patterns and get different looks every time. I definitely will use … Continue reading Reindeer Lovey

Hippo Lovey — Crochet pattern

Hi all! Let me introduce you super cute lovey — Smiley Hippo 😉 He is really simple to make. You need to know basics of crocheting: sc, dc, ch, hdc; additional, you need to know how to make a bobble stitch (if you're interested in this tutorial — let me know, I'm concerning about such … Continue reading Hippo Lovey — Crochet pattern

Amigurumi Black Cat — Free crochet pattern

Hi all! It's October here and you know, what it means... Halloween! That's why I prepared for you something really cute. Let me introduce you Black Cat — cutiest guest at my Halloween Party! She is lovely and very small (just 10cm) and very quick to create! Read more about Halloween Friends All you need: … Continue reading Amigurumi Black Cat — Free crochet pattern