Cute Chick Amigurumi — Free crochet pattern

Hi all! I constantly write down my ideas for new toys: in notebooks and just on sheets of paper (it seems to me that all crafters do this, right?). As a result drawings can be found all over the house. Recently, I came across sketches for cute birds, and decided it was time to bring … Continue reading Cute Chick Amigurumi — Free crochet pattern

Reindeer Lovey

Hi all! Today I'm glad to introduce you new lovey — Reindeer! Isn't he adorable? 😉 I used my favorite yarn — Alize Cotton Gold and new for me Alize Cotton Gold Batik for the blanket. Omg, I love this yarn! It allows you to create extraordinary patterns and get different looks every time. I definitely will use … Continue reading Reindeer Lovey

Hippo Lovey — Crochet pattern

Hi all! Let me introduce you super cute lovey — Smiley Hippo 😉 He is really simple to make. You need to know basics of crocheting: sc, dc, ch, hdc; additional, you need to know how to make a bobble stitch (if you're interested in this tutorial — let me know, I'm concerning about such … Continue reading Hippo Lovey — Crochet pattern

Amigurumi Black Cat — Free crochet pattern

Hi all! It's October here and you know, what it means... Halloween! That's why I prepared for you something really cute. Let me introduce you Black Cat — cutiest guest at my Halloween Party! She is lovely and very small (just 10cm) and very quick to create! Read more about Halloween Friends All you need: … Continue reading Amigurumi Black Cat — Free crochet pattern

Halloween friends – Amigurumi patterns

Booooo! =)  I mean, hi all) Halloween is coming and I prepared for you some treats!  Meet these cute Halloween Party guests — Little Frankenstein, Mr. Pumpkin and Black Cat ) They are all quite small, so even if you have a little place, you'll be able to invite them to celebrate this fun holiday with you! … Continue reading Halloween friends – Amigurumi patterns