Sleepy Bunny Lovey — New Pattern

Hi all! I'm happy to introduce you my new adorable lovey pattern. Meet Sleepy Bunny Lovey! I believe that it would easy to make this cute security blanket even if you are a beginner in crochet. I always try to make my patterns as easy to follow as I can. PDF pattern contains deteiled text … Continue reading Sleepy Bunny Lovey — New Pattern

Yarn for Loveys

Hi all! This post is about yarn. You are asking me which yarn is best for comforters. In this post, I tried to find a yarn that, in my opinion, should fit. I will also tell you about the yarn I usually use. Let's go! What I use: For my loveys I usually use YarnArt Jeans … Continue reading Yarn for Loveys

Reindeer Lovey

Hi all! Today I'm glad to introduce you new lovey — Reindeer! Isn't he adorable? 😉 I used my favorite yarn — Alize Cotton Gold and new for me Alize Cotton Gold Batik for the blanket. Omg, I love this yarn! It allows you to create extraordinary patterns and get different looks every time. I definitely will use … Continue reading Reindeer Lovey

Hippo Lovey — Crochet pattern

Hi all! Let me introduce you super cute lovey — Smiley Hippo 😉 He is really simple to make. You need to know basics of crocheting: sc, dc, ch, hdc; additional, you need to know how to make a bobble stitch (if you're interested in this tutorial — let me know, I'm concerning about such … Continue reading Hippo Lovey — Crochet pattern