Amigurumi Bunny and Teddy Bear — New Patterns

Hi all!
Today I’m happy to introduce you my cuties! Meet Bunny and Teddy Bear 😉

1.jpgThey are so sweet, right? 😉



I love the colors and want to share it with you:
Yarn I used for Bunny
“Cotton Gold” by Alize:

  • #55 (white)
  • #14 (yellow)

“Cotton Gold Batik” by Alize:

  • #4147 (pink)




Yarn I used for Teddy Bear
“Cotton Gold Batik” by Alize:

  • #3300 (brown)

“Cotton Gold” by Alize:

  • #62 (beige)

“Jeans” by YarnArt:

  • #29 (green)

And for the bow I used “Bella” by Alize in #40 (blue)
You can find patterns in my Etsy shop

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Have a nice day 😉

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